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Our History

Gansing Barangay High School, was created in the year 1969 through the initiative of the late Supervisor Sinsuat A. Andang which was under the direct tutelage of his wife Mrs. Magdalena C. Andang, the school principal of Gansing Elementary School.

 Through a philantrophic and benevolent family of the late Dr. Manuel Justiniani Griño who donated almost 20,000 square meters or 2-hectare area for the high school out of the areas occupied by the elementary school, the high school then operated independently.

 In 1976, the school has its first principal Mr. Danilo Simoy Umadhay.  In March 4, 1980, the Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports approved the request of the people of the community through the Division Office the change of name of the school from Gansing Barangay High School to Virginia F. Griño Memorial National High School (VFGMNHS) in memory of the late wife of Dr. Manuel J. Griño.

 In January 8, 2009, Mrs. Isabelita Rufino Duadua became a principal of VFGMNHS due to the transfer of Mr. Danilo S. Umadhay to Tacurong National High School.  In September 4, 2012, due to the retirement of Mr. Danilo S. Umadhay from Tacurong National High School, Mrs. Isabelita R. Duadua assumed his office which made a way to Mr. Freddie Taboc-Taboc Delantar to be the 3rd administrator.

 Later, in the year 2017, through the initiative of SGC President, Rogelio Villarais, in coordination of the school Principal, Freddie Delantar, the word “Memorial” was then removed from the name of the school making it Virginia Fajardo National High School.

 In September 2018, Dr. Ligaya A. Catedrilla assumed the office as the new principal of the school, together with the assistant to the principal, Cesar Q. Antolin. These two initiated a 60-day challenge in which all teachers including the staff and the students are enjoined to come up with a concrete and/or visible output or practice that will bring an ‘impactful change’ in terms of curriculum and instruction, improvement of the physical facilities of the school, and even in the beautification, cleanliness and orderliness of the school.

 This challenge then gave rise to KATAHUM VIRGINIANS. This shall be the official tagline of all the concerted efforts in the institution. This will be guided by the principle of ‘institutionalized synergy’ as it adopts ONE VISION, ONE GOAL, ONE DIRECTION.

 At present, the school caters to  one thousand five hundred sixty-three students with sixty-four competent teachers and four non-teaching personnel. Virginia Fajardo Griño National High School has facilities that allow learners to enhance their capabilities and provide a conducive environment for learners.



To protect and promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture-based, and complete basic education where:

Students learn in a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe, and motivating environment.
Teachers facilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner.
Administrators and staff, as stewards of the institution, ensure an enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen.
Family, community, and other stakeholders are actively engaged and share responsibility for developing life-long learners.



We dream of Filipinos who passionately love their country and whose values and competencies enable them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to building the nation.

As a learner-centered public institution, the Department of Education continuously improves itself to better serve its stakeholders.






Dr. Ligaya A. Catedrilla, Ed.D

School Principal

Pamela C. Jamias, MT-II

School Assistant Principal – SHS

Perla Llloren, MT-II

School Assistant Principal – JHS

1 (13)

Sharon R. Tagacay, T-II

SHS- Coordinator

Jenny Cajandig, T-III

jHS – Academic Coordinator

Renato Purazo, T-III

Faculty President

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